Did Your Dog Over-Indulge At The Holiday Party? 3 Steps To Treat Your Dog's Vomiting


The holidays are here. If you have a dog, chances are pretty good that it's going to find a way to over-indulge at mealtime, especially if it camps out under the table long enough. Unfortunately, the holiday over-indulgence can result in quite the tummy ache, which could lead to vomiting. If your dog has begun vomiting after over-indulging at the dinner table, you don't have to rush to the veterinarian just yet. Here are three simple steps you can take to alleviate the distress.

Take a Break from the Feedings

As soon as your dog starts vomiting, remove all the food bowls in the house, and put a stop to the table scrap dining. Your dog's tummy will need a break until the vomiting is under control. Removing the food bowls for about 24 hours will give your dog time to recuperate. Once the vomiting subsides, you can start giving it small amounts of food again.

Provide Plenty of Water

Vomiting can lead to dehydration, which can become life-threatening. While your pet is under-the-weather, be sure to provide plenty of fresh water. Keep a couple bowls of water around the house so that your dog can get to it wherever it is. Be sure to switch water several times a day to make sure it stays fresh. If your dog is having a hard time keeping the water down, fill the water bowls with ice instead. Your dog can lick the ice and receive the moisture it needs. Not only that, but the ice will soothe your dog's tummy and reduce the vomiting. Make sure you provide the extra water and ice the entire time your dog is vomiting.

Go Bland for a Bit

Once your dog stops vomiting, don't go right back to a normal diet. Instead provide a bland diet for at least the next day or two. Cook up a batch of chicken breast and rice for your dog. Feed your dog a small amount of food every few hours for at least the first day after sickness. Increase the feedings as your dog is able to hold food down. After a few days, you can return to normal feedings.

If your dog overdid it at the holiday dinner table, the tips provided here will help cure the vomiting. If your dog continues to feel under-the-weather after a few days or the vomiting is uncontrollable, be sure to talk to your dog's veterinarian.


13 December 2016

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