Simple Solutions to Manage Your Dog's Arthritis


Caring for your dog may seem like a simple process. You may feed them quality food, ensure they get sufficient exercise, and bring them to their vet periodically for checkups and vaccinations. Unfortunately, your dog may develop certain conditions even with proper care. Considering one out of every five adult dogs develop arthritis, your dog may deal with the stiffness, immobility, and pain associated with this joint condition. Using one or more of these solutions, you can decrease arthritic inflammation and pain while improving your dog's quality of life.

Weight Loss

Carrying excessive weight can place extra pressure on your dog's joints. This extra pressure can cause inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissue, leading to arthritis. Putting your dog on a diet can reduce the pressure and arthritic inflammation. Talking to your dog's veterinarian is smart before beginning a weight-loss program, but here are a few helpful tips to use:

  • Skip the table scraps: You may think you are showing your dog love by giving them "people food," but most of these scraps are high in calories, which directly affects your dog's weight.
  • Play more: Periodic walks outside are important, but you probably only take them out to use the bathroom. Spend more time walking, jogging, and playing with your dog to help them lose weight.
  • Buy food with high protein: Check the labels on your dog's food. Make sure the top ingredients are protein and not fillers. Avoid giving them food with large amounts of starches, such as potatoes and rice.


Adding a few supplements to your dog's daily routine can also help ease arthritis pain and stiffness. To get started, ask your dog's veterinarian about glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. Both glucosamine and chondroitin strengthen cartilage and reduce inflammation, which can reduce pain while restoring your dog's joint health.

Dosage will vary by your dog's weight. Be sure they take 500 mg of glucosamine and 400 mg of chondroitin for every 25 pounds that they weigh.

Fish oil is also beneficial for dogs with arthritis, since it offers anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce joint inflammation and pain. You can buy chewable pet medications and supplements for your dog or add the liquid form to their dry food each day.

Arthritis may not be a life-threatening condition, but it can decrease your dog's quality of life. With these simple solutions and the help of your veterinarian, you can treat your dog's joint inflammation, pain, and immobility.


21 December 2016

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