The Trouble With Dachshunds And Cataracts


The always popular dachshund tends to suffer from a variety of health problems, the most prominent of which is often cataracts. This difficult eye problem must be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible to restore their sight to perfection.

Dachshunds Are At A High Risk Of Cataracts

Dachshund's unfortunately do have a predisposition for suffering from cataracts. Part of this is due to their high risk of developing diabetes, a condition that contributes to the development of cataracts. Another part of this is simply genetic, as many dachshund breeders accidentally passed on this cataract predisposition to further generations.

Cataracts will make it very difficult for the dachshund to see and can seriously impact their life in a negative way. Understanding the symptoms of this problem and how to treat it is crucial to restoring their quality of life to a high level.

Symptoms Of Canine Cataracts

When a dachshund suffers from cataracts, they are likely to begin acting confused about their surroundings and will end up "lost" in areas which they otherwise know well. For example, they may have difficulty finding their way through the home and may end up stuck in a corner as they try to use their nose and other senses to escape.

They may also fail to react to owners when they are near them or struggle to find items in the home, such as toys and treats. Mistiming jumps onto couches and beds is also common and may appear as if they no longer have the strength to jump. Physical symptoms include a clouding over the eye that is milky gray.

Surgery For Cataracts

The only way to manage cataracts is to get them surgically removed from the dachshund's eye. There is no treatment or management system that works otherwise. The success rate for this surgery is typically close to 95 percent and requires removing the cloudy lens and adding a new one that lacks the cataract build up.

For the sensitive dachshund, this can be an exasperating and emotionally difficult process. They will have to wear a protective collar and may struggle to remove it. They may also react negatively to their daily eye drops. Maintaining a calm and loving emotional state is crucial to getting a dachshund through this period.

The cost of cataract surgery for a dachshund can top $3,000, which causes many owners to neglect it. However, most veterinarian offices will work out a payment system that will restore a dachshund's eye sight quickly and easily.


22 December 2016

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